Bug Academy

Bug Academy is the only school for insects in the world!  It’s also a training center where insects become faster, stronger and smarter. Through a series of lessons and exercises, they are trained in various life situations such as herding, extinguishing fires, delivering packages, fixing plumbing leaks, space flight and many more. In addition to practical classes, there are also artistic classes, such as playing musical instruments, painting or dancing.


  • Different types of insects, each with its own unique ability. For example, Flies with their tiny sticky tongues can grab and lift objects; Fireflies with their glowing butts illuminate even the darkest corners; or small, hardworking Bees able to build everything their Queen will command them to.
  • Swarm mechanics – insects have very strong family bonds, they like to stick together. This allows you to control even a dozen insects at a time. Thanks to this group of Flies can lift that what is to heavy for one Fly. Cooperation is the key!
  • Various and interesting tasks – moving services, deliveries, bridge constructions, extinguishing fires, mining, historical reenactment, plumbing services, cooking, painting, playing the piano, and much more.
  • Humor – have you ever seen a swarm of flies trying to deliver a fridge to the 4th floor? Hilarious!

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Many types of insects attend Bug Academy. Despite similarities, they differ from each other – they have different strengths, weaknesses, different special abilities. Each requires individual approach and specific classes focused on improving their individual skills.

Thanks to their small, prehensile paws, Flies can lift objects. Single Fly may be small and weak, but together, as a team, they can carry big and heavy objects like a refrigerator, a washing machine or even a cow.
With their glowing butts, Fireflies can illuminate even the darkest corners of a room. That’s why they can work in places, where no other bug would, like mines, sewers and even space!
Thanks to their special trumpets, Mosquitoes can take various liquids into their mouths and then blow them under enormous pressure. Thanks to that they are the perfect fire brigade!
These cute, little bees are led by their beloved Queen. They are devoted, hardworking and will do everything that the Queen commands – gather nectar, build a bridge, repair a leaking pipe or wash plates.


Bug Academy is divided into classes. In each class bug have to perform specific task. They are evaluated based of how good they performed, for example how fast they extinguished fire, how tall tower they built or how much mail they sorted.

If there’s something strange in you neighborhood
Who you gonna call? (Ghostbusting fireflies with a vacuum cleaner)
Zero gravity, lots of shiny gems and space cows thieves.
Hats are rewards for doing well in classes.
Painting lessons
Normally bees are sleeping in their hives, but when their Queen needs them they’re ready for action.
One bee one shot
Oh no! Our house is on fire!
Fortunately, there is a brave fireman who will save us 🙂
Medieval cows are trying to storm the castle
Fireflies are trying to find a way out of a dark maze
Fireflies trying to sneak in into a high security building
Some mosquitoes are helping to bring rockets into space as the Space Complex of Mosquito Motors (SCMM ©).

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