What is Bug Academy?

Bug Academy is a crazy action game in which you control a swarm of cute, little insects and try to guide them through a series of lessons and exercises. Break through walls while delivering fridges, send rockets into space using mosquitoes and chili sauce or catch ghosts with a vacuum cleaner. Finish all the lessons and pass the final exam to become a Bug Academy graduate!

More than 30 lessons. Each with unique and crazy task to perform – delivering fridges, herding cows, building towers, working in mines, catching ghosts, stealing diamonds, launching rockets, painting pictures, fighting fires, delivering pizzas, special military operations, and many more…

Flies. Working together they can grab almost anything.

Fireflies. Thanks to their butts, glowing in all the colors of the rainbow, they can illuminate even the darkest places.

Mosquitoes. They are like little flying balloons, that can drink and then spit any liquid.

Bees. They are led by their beloved Queen. They are devoted, hardworking and will do everything that the Queen commands.

Crazy humor. Lots of funny scenarios, tons of unpredictability and a great deal of joyful chaos.

Colorful and vivid graphics. Levers made from matches, trees made from clay, grass made from wool and walls made from cardboard!

Amazing music. More than a dozen different songs played personally by our insect students on their tiny instruments.